1)  We are already limiting ourselves to 6 dogs off-leash, will pick up dog excrement and be courteous to other trail users.

2)  We are in the process of developing a DWOM application which all must sign in order to be a member.  The application will include the following:

Trail Etiquette Vow:  I will hike no more than six dog off-leash on Marin Open Space fire roads; I        will pick up dog waste, I will be courteous and sensitive to other trail users by giving them the          right of way and controlling my dogs.  I am aware of Open Space rules and regulations.

3)  Development of a reach out program to educate others.

4)  We are working on a formal process to police ourselves.  Currently we are contacting and/or reporting irresponsible dog walkers who deliberately disobey Open Space rules and regulations, who we come across on the fire roads.

5)  We are establishing an on-going volunteer program to keep the trails clean and have performed trail clean-ups in the past year at central and southern Marin trail heads.

6)  90% of our members have participated in the Marin Humane Society's trail etiquette classes and we encourage new DWOM members and clients to take this class.

7)  We have hired, and are currently working one-on-one with trainers to educate ourselves further on dog behavior and training, and are encouraging our clients to do likewise.  Private sessions covered comprehension and obedience assessment, motivational assessment and techniques, distraction testing and self-evaluation.

                       EAST BAY REGIONAL PARK SUCCESS:

We have spoken to Lt. Small and Sgt. Dale Davidson of East Bay Parks, and they commented that their 1 year old policy allowing 6 dogs off-leash under permit and 3 dogs off-leash for private citizens is working "very well".  They have had two incidents in one year.  With their thorough reporting system, all parties were satisfied with the outcome.  They are happy with the co-operation of the commercial walkers and it helps to be able to identify them on the trails (they must wear identification).