• Have respect and compassion for animals under our care
  • Respect our environment at all times
  • Working with the greatest integrity ('the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to higher moral principles or professional standards') will determine your reputation
  • Be considerate of the public at all times
  • Keep animals under our care safe at all times

  • Every professional pet care company with employees and/or independent contractors must ensure that their staff/employees abide by the MPCA code of conduct and ethics
  • Follow the guidelines presented in Trail Manners Class, or other qualified class
  • Certification in Pet First Aid within the first year of becoming a member of MPCA (and re-certified every two years)
  • Follow the rules of Open Space District:
  • No physical, psychological or verbal maltreatment of any animal; no improper or harmful handling of any animal; under any circumstances
  • All dogs with aggressive and/or behavioral issues to be handled in a responsible and safe manner
  • Clean up after animals under our care and dispose of the waste in a sanitary manner
  • Never disclose any private, personal or confidential information about any client
  • Do not discredit or undermine the reputation of another pet care professional
  • A professional pet care company will not solicit the clientele of another pet care professional in the same line of business
  • Under no circumstances will an employee or an independent contractor accept or solicit the clients of their company or employer
  • Act in a courteous manner to other dog walkers on the trails

(Formerly Dog Walkers of Marin)